Creating a New Test

Norton Testmaker lets you create tests, quizzes, and exams from Norton-provided question banks.

“Your Tests” screen

Upon successful login, you will be presented with the "Your Tests" screen. If you have previously created tests in Norton Testmaker, your saved tests will appear in this list. Otherwise, the list will appear blank.

Note: The loaded "Test Bank" will differ depending on the Norton book you are using.


Creating a New Test

Click on the “Create New Test” button or "Create a new test" link.

"Create New Test" prompt

After clicking the “Create New Test” button or "Create a new test" link, the following prompt will be presented. You can enter a Test Name, a Course Name, and click “Create Test” to create your new test. You can click the “Cancel” button to close the prompt without making any changes.

"Test Name" is a required field. The maximum character count for this field is 100.

"Course Name" is an optional field. The maximum character count for this field is 36.

Note: If you will be importing this test through a Learning Management System, the following special characters should not be used in the Test Name and Course Name: # & - – / \ ( ) : ; @

“Build Test” Screen

You will enter the “Build Test” screen immediately when creating a new test. This screen consists of two major areas. The left panel ("Add Questions") is for searching, filtering, and viewing questions you wish to add to the test. The right panel is your live test view, where you can organize the contents of the test. The views will differ depending on the size of your device's screen, though their functionality will stay the same.

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