How do I import the Resources for Your LMS to Blackboard?

Resources for your LMS (RLMS) is a Blackboard course content package export file.  To add these resources to your Blackboard course, you will import the package to a blank shell 

Blackboard Learn View – RLMS file import 

  • Download the course content package from the Instructor Resource page for your text by selecting the download button beside the Blackboard Resources. 
  • Do Not Unzip or Extract any content from the file.  
    • The file must have the .zip extension to import to Blackboard. 


  • If you do not already have a blank course set up in Blackboard, ask your local Blackboard administrator to create one for you. 
  • Log into your course.   
  • From the left side navigation, under the Control Panel,  
  • select Packages and Utilities,  and then   
  • Import Package / View Logs.  
  • Click on   Import Package; then in the   Select a Package   section, use the Browse feature to locate the zip file ( on your desktop. This is the file you downloaded from the Instructor Resource page for your text. 
  • Scroll to  Select Course Materialsand choose   Select All. 
  • Press the  Submit button and wait for the process to complete. A status message will appear when the process is complete and an email will be sent to you. 
  • Go to the  Home/Welcome  page and refresh your browser to update the course buttons and see your course. 

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