Introduction to InQuizitive

InQuizitive is a formative, adaptive quizzing tool with gaming elements that supports select Norton textbooks. Instructors most often assign InQuizitive as pre-lecture assignments to ensure students come prepared to lectures, quizzes, and exams.

What is InQuizitive?

InQuizitive is a formative, adaptive learning tool that improves student understanding of important learning objectives. Students receive quiz questions based on how well they understand the content, and the engaging and game-like elements motivate them as they learn.

How is InQuizitive adaptive?

InQuizitive is adaptive in three ways:

  1. Students get the help they need when they need it. Students who have read their assigned reading and have a solid grasp of the material will complete an InQuizitive activity more quickly than those who need help with the content. 
  2. Students receive more questions on the learning objectives they’re struggling with most.
  3. Students receive easier questions if they’re struggling, or harder questions if they’ve shown they’re ready for them.


  • In Level 2, students receive quiz questions personalized by difficultly level. A student who is performing very well will receive more difficult questions than a student who is struggling and had to answer more questions to progress to Level 2.
  • In Level 3, students receive quiz questions personalized by learning objective as well as difficulty level. A student who is struggling with learning objective 1 will receive more questions on learning objective 1 than a student who is doing well on learning objective 1 but struggling with learning objective 2.
  • System data on difficulty level changes based on national student performance on every question and is updated daily.

What gaming features are in InQuizitive?

Here are some examples of the gaming features in InQuizitive:

  • Confidence slider: Students can increase their confidence level to earn additional points on each question.
  • Levels: Students progress through Levels 1, 2, and 3, and a reward screen appears after each level is completed.
  • Sound effects: Students receive immediate auditory feedback on their actions as well as background music as they answer the questions. Note: These can be turned off at any time.
  • Visual design: The user-friendly design, Help buttons, and our little alien friend, Quizmo, guide students through the activities.
  • Bonus points: Awarded to students for answering 5 questions in a row correctly, they keep students motivated to reach the Target Score.
  • Bonus questions: Offered when students seem to be struggling, additional questions keep them reaching for a higher score.
  • Take a Break: Students have the option at any time to take a break.

How do gaming features facilitate learning?

Aside from making things more fun, research on gaming and learning has shown that increased feelings of both autonomy/control and competence lead to stronger engagement and deeper immersion in a given activity. 

Autonomy/control: The ability to earn additional points by increasing your confidence level on each question gives students a level of control not afforded by other adaptive quizzing systems. By “gaming the system” through strategic use of the confidence slider, students can control their own experience in an InQuizitive activity and complete an activity more quickly.

Competence: The personalization of quiz questions based on difficulty level (giving easier questions when students are struggling and more difficult questions when they’re not) not only leads to less student frustration, but helps match the user experience to the student’s knowledge level, fostering a sense of increased competence.

Is InQuizitive available for self-study?

Yes, students can use InQuizitive activities even if you haven’t assigned them. However, most students won’t try it unless it’s assigned as part of their grade, so assigning the activities is crucial to making them effective pedagogical tools.

What's up with the little alien?

The alien’s name is Quizmo, and it appears throughout InQuizitive to provide both you and your students an enjoyable learning experience!

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