How do I complete Tutorials?

To complete Tutorial activities and receive a grade, you must answer every question available, but you do not have to get them all correct on your first attempt. 

The system will guide you through a series of sections that you must complete in order. The system will not let you move forward to the next section in the activity until you have answered all questions in that section. 

Sections in the navigation bar will turn blue once they have been completed. Sections you have not started will be gray. 

If you try to move on without answering all questions in a section, you will receive this message.

After you complete a section, the continue button will appear at the bottom of the screen.

If you have not answered all questions in the sections, you will not see a continue button. 

Once you complete a Tutorial activity, your preliminary grade of 100% will be recorded. Remember, your instructor can change this grade at any time. 

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