How to Join a Student Set

Student Sets allow your instructor to view your results and activity data on ZAPS Psychology Labs. Follow the instructions contained on this page in order to join your instructor's Student Set so that you can share your results and activity data.

If ZAPS is integrated within your campus learning management system (Blackboard, Moodle, etc.), you will not need a Student Set ID number; your grades will automatically report to your instructor.

If you have not yet joined a Student Set, you will be asked to join a Student Set each time you launch an activity. To join a Student Set, enter the Student Set ID number given to you by your instructor in the Student Set ID: field and click the OK button. If your instructor has not given you a Student Set ID number yet, click on the I don't have a Student Set ID at this time button to close the window and proceed to the activity.

You can also manually add yourself to a Student Set by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner and selecting Add Yourself to a Student Set from the menu.

Type your five-digit Student Set ID number into the field and click the OK button.

If you are already a member of a Student Set, you will receive the message below:

You can add yourself to as many Student Sets as you would like. However, you cannot remove yourself from a Student Set; only your instructor can perform that action. 

If you enrolled in the wrong Student Set, enroll in the correct one and notify your instructor of the mistake or contact the W.W. Norton Service Desk for assistance. Your instructor can remove you from the incorrect Student Set if they have access to the incorrect Student Set ID.

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