Tutorial Lessons

What is a Tutorial Lesson?

A Tutorial Lesson is a series of questions, consisting of one assigned “Parent” question and multiple, optional “Step” questions. These Step questions are designed to help you figure out the answer to the assigned question by reviewing its main concepts. While the Parent question is graded, the Step questions are not.

Navigating through a Tutorial Lesson

You’ll be able to identify questions with a Tutorial Lesson by looking at the main assignment page, where you’ll see a “T” icon and a dropdown list of the Step questions.

Additionally, the questions themselves each have a button at the top of the page that says "Launch Tutorial Lesson."

You can choose to either begin the Lesson or to proceed to directly answer the Parent question. (Since Tutorial Lessons are designed to help you better understand the concepts of the Parent question, you may not need the Lesson if you feel confident about the question topic.)

When you launch the Lesson, you’ll see a page listing all Step questions. Click "Continue Tutorial" to begin working in these Step questions.

You can skip back and forth between the Steps, and you can choose to answer some or all of them. You can see how many Step questions there are and which Step you are working in by looking at the bottom of the page.

Once you have completed all of the Step questions (or have decided to exit the Lesson) you can go back to the main question page by clicking Close Tutorial.

You can review your completed Lesson from the Parent question, by clicking "Review Tutorial Lesson."