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Getting Started with Online Quizzes
The Norton Online Quizzing Engine is an assessment tool that delivers a straightforward sequence of questions designed to help students and instructors understand what students know. Online Quizzes take a summative approach to quizzing, allowing unl...
How Grading Works
In Online Quizzes, students must answer a set number of questions in each activity before receiving a final grade. This page details how students can retake quizzes to increase their final score on each activity. Hide All Answers How am I grad...
Review Mode
Students can use Online Quizzes to effectively study and review for in-class discussions, quizzes, and exams. This page provides instructions on how to use Online Quizzes to review individual questions from previous attempts. Hide All Answers ...
Joining Student Sets
Student Sets allow your instructor to view your results for Online Quizzes. Follow the instructions contained on this page to join your instructor's Student Set so that you can share your results in order for your instructor to assign a grade. ...