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On July 5, 2022, Norton will shut down the Norton/Write website. 

In the years before we had more user-friendly ways to offer the content, the Norton/Write website was a place where students and instructors using Norton composition books could find exercises, model student papers, documentation guidelines, and more. Over time, this platform became outdated and could not easily accommodate edits, updates, or additions to the site. Because we offer many time-sensitive resources (particularly documentation guidelines and student papers), the Norton/Write website is no longer the best way to deliver these materials.

But rest assured. Although the site will no longer be available, you will still be able to assign the quizzes, plagiarism tutorial, model student essays, and more through alternative methods.

I used the Norton/Write website—where do I find my resources now?

Exercises, quizzes, tutorials, documentation guidelines, model papers, and more are all available through your Norton book’s Digital Resources page and the Instructor Resources page. Links to these materials can be integrated with most learning management systems:

  • More than 150 quizzes are available to import to your learning management system, where they will report directly to your LMS gradebook. Please visit your book’s Instructor Resource page on the W. W. Norton website and search for “Quizzes” for more information. You may also be interested in considering InQuizitive for Writers, which offers more interactive activities on writing, editing, and research topics—all within an adaptive, feedback-driven environment (learn more here).
  • Documentation styles can be accessed through The Little Seagull Handbook ebook, which is included with all new print and digital copies of the Norton book students purchase for your course.
  • The plagiarism tutorial is now available through a dedicated link on your book’s Digital Resources page, and it can be integrated into your LMS.
  • Model student essays are now hosted on either your book’s Digital Resources page or the Instructor Resources page. Find your Norton book in the list below to visit its Digital Resources page.

Digital Resources Pages and Instructor Resource Pages for Norton Composition Books

The Digital Resources page is the place to start for your Norton resources. Find your book’s link below, and sign in using your school email address (please contact your Norton representative if you do not already have those credentials set up).

Once you are signed in, you will see many of the instructor and student resources mentioned above. You can also select the “Instructor Resources” tile at the bottom to see more options.

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For additional support, please contact your Norton representative.