Instructor Resources Help Notes

The Instructor Resources page for each college title contains downloadable resources for lecture, modified classroom, and distance education. Access is free to adopters of Norton books, but a username and password is required. And, for security purposes, each request is authenticated, so there will be a slight delay before access is granted.

How do I access instructor resources?

To access book specific resources, first locate your book by discipline and title from here. (

Then click on the “Instructor Resources” tab in the middle of the page and follow instructions for signing in.

Access is free to adopters of Norton's textbooks, but a username and password are required.

Other notes for access

You will need to unzip some files, such as PowerPoints, while other resources, such as coursepacks and test banks, should remain zipped.

Windows users should be able to unzip a file by clicking on the zipper icon. Many Macs have Stuffit preinstalled and your browser settings may provide automatic decompression of downloaded files. If your browser automatically unzips a downloaded file but you need to use it zipped, search your desktop trash for the original file.

Coursepacks and test banks need to be uploaded into the appropriate learning management system as zip files. Unzipped coursepacks and test banks cannot be re-zipped, as they will lose their ability to unpack when uploaded.

PDF files require the free Adobe Reader software.

How much does access to instructor materials cost?

Access is free for instructors who have adopted and are teaching a course with the Norton textbook.

Where can I find instructor resources for my textbook?

Resources are available from the "Instructor Resources" tab on the webpage for your textbook.

Why am I being asked for a password?

Instructor resources are available exclusively to instructors who have adopted Norton textbooks. The vetting process is a security measure to prevent students from accessing the test bank files. To request instructor-level access, please see Requesting Access to Instructor Resources. (

Please use your school email address when requesting instructor-level access. The more information you can supply to speed this process, the sooner you'll receive access.

The verification process may take several business days, and you will receive an email when the process has been completed. If you are approved for access to instructor resources, your login and download information will be included in the email you receive.

May I use these instructor materials on my course web page?

Yes, provided they are used exclusively for courses for which you’ve adopted a Norton book.

May I modify instructor materials?

Unless otherwise noted (as some items are copyrighted by an entity other than Norton), you are permitted to modify files to meet the needs of your course and your teaching style.

I am unable to find any resources for my Norton textbook. Are there resources for books that are not listed on this site?

Additional resources may be available for some rarely requested titles. If you would like supporting material for a text that is not available here, contact your local Norton representative. (

Requesting Access to Instructor Resources

As a Norton textbook adopter you will have access to all instructor resources for your discipline. These instructions will guide you through the process of creating a new account and then requesting access to instructor resources – a simple two-step process.


  1. Navigate to to create a new Norton account.
  2. Please use your school email and fill in all fields.
  3. Click on Create Account.
  4. You will receive and account creation confirmation email.
  5. Return to and log into your new account with your credentials.
  6. Follow STEP TWO to submit your request for access to instructor resources.


  1. Once you are signed in, navigate to
  2. Select your discipline from the left hand column.
  3. Find your text and click on its Instructor Resources button.
  4. Click on the “Request Access” button to begin the request form.
  5. Complete and submit the form to confirm the information about your course. 
  6. You will see a notice that your request was submitted and is being processed.
  7. Your application for access to instructor resources is now complete.

Please allow up to 2 business days for the verification process.

You will receive an email when the process has been completed. If you are approved for access to instructor resources, your login and download information will be included in the email you receive.