How Grading Works

In InQuizitive, students must answer a minimum number of questions in each activity before receiving a grade and reach a Target Score to earn a 100%. This page details how students can use the confidence slider to earn a 100% on every activity.

How am I graded in InQuizitive?

  • Once the minimum number of questions are answered, you begin to receive a grade. To receive 100%, you must reach the Target Score for that activity set by your instructor.

  • Your grade is simply the percentage of the Target Score points you’ve accumulated. For example, if the Target Score is 1,000 points, and you’ve gained 500, your current grade is 50%.
  • InQuizitive never stops you from continuing to answer questions. Keep on answering them (and learning) until you reach the Target Score and get 100%!

How do Grades Accepted Until (GAU) dates work?

Grades Accepted Until dates are similar to due dates. Your instructor sets a Grades Accepted Until date for an activity, and once the date passes, your work will be collected and you'll no longer be able to improve your grade. However, you'll still be able to access the activity and answer questions for self-study purposes.

How do I sync my InQuizitive grades with my instructor's LMS course?

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How does the confidence slider work?

The confidence slider allows you to earn additional points on each question. When you increase your confidence level, the point total that could be gained or lost on that given question also increases.

  • Scoring on a question ranges from 20–100 points depending on where you set your confidence level.
  • If you lose points by answering a question incorrectly on the first attempt, you can regain half of the points you lost by answering the question correctly on the second attempt. Note: Some types of questions also allow for “second chance points” on third, fourth, or fifth attempts.
  • There are three levels in an InQuizitive activity, all reached by accumulating a certain number of points. Once you reach Levels 2 or 3, your point total can never fall below the point total threshold needed to reach that level. For example, if it takes 500 points to reach Level 2, and you've done so, your point total will never fall below 500 points.
  • If you answer 5 questions correctly in a row, you earn a bonus equal to 5% of the Target Score (e.g., if the Target Score is 1,500, the hot-streak bonus will be 75).

What do I need to know about questions in InQuizitive activities?

There are many different question types in InQuizitive and every question is unique. However, all questions share the following characteristics:

  • Each question provides you with immediate feedback after every click, drag/drop, or keystroke. This feedback contains hints that will help you correct your mistakes and better understand important concepts.
  • There is no “I give up” or “Show me the answer” button in InQuizitive. Each question is designed to guide you to the correct answer. Even if you don’t know the answer when you start, you will learn it.
  • All questions are interactive in one way or another: You will drag and drop elements from one place to another; find and click a choice, part of an image, or part of a sentence; or type something to answer the question.

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