Overview of Role Permissions on the Digital Landing Page

Overview of Digital Landing Page Permissions

Note: Adding a TA or STA to your Student Set will not grant that account access to the associated product(s); the TA or STA will still need to register or purchase access to be able to use the Digital Resources for your textbook.

The following table contains a complete list of the permissions Teacher's Assistants, Scoring Teacher's Assistants, and Instructors have on the Digital Landing Page.

Teacher's Assistant (TA)Scoring Teacher's Assistant (STA)
Can see Student Results tileYesYesYes
Can export student results into a spreadsheetYesYesYes
Can see instructor version of the Getting Started tile

Can see Instructor Resources tileYesYesYes
Can access Manage Student Sets and add or remove students
Can add TA/STA/authorized instructors to the Student Set
Can remove TA/STA/instructors from the Student Set

Can update the name of the Student Set

Can update the Start and End dates of the Student Set

Can access and export student resultsYesYesYes
Can set a GAU for each activity